International Day of Families:

But Wait…Who’s My Family?

My Family

Marriage is a divine institution that constitutes a union between a man and a woman; wives must submit to their husbands.

Based on these traditional principles, my family unit was highly stable. But our angry and defiant interactions when I was a young child were definitely not conducive to peace within our core unit — never mind globally — until the later years when some of us finally began to confront our failures and become more vulnerable and unguarded with one another. In my YouTube episode today titled How Do We Get Out of this Mess? I describe how my father and I found redemption and reconciliation in the most broken parts of ourselves — when we began to see our shared humanity and our common brokenness. Vulnerable authenticity with one another, not traditional and stable notions of what it meant to be a family, led to our healing.

And vulnerable authenticity will allow us to begin to heal as a society.

Here’s my question:



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